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Paroles L. Morel et S. Gedzelman.

In a clear and damp room
You all plugged and unplugged
Daisies all spread on the floor

You can hear the wind blows
You can hear the rain falls
You can hear the rocks crash

Refrain :
Sentir la neige, marcher sur les nuages,
Sentiments impossibles
Toucher le vent, faire parler les rochers
Eternel rêve

Ooh, j'appelle la mère des monts
Ooh, j'implore le dieu des temps

There's a guide for every world
There's a word for all this mess
As if I could guess what you mean

You can't hear the rose scent
You can't hear the snow flakes
Do you hear yourself ?


If two or three leaves
Felt from that old tree
They wouldn't affect my smile

Can't you hear me ?
Can't you hear me ?
Can you hear yourself ?

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